Years of experience and shed loads of passion

Andy Taplin

Creative Director


Andy is our Creator in Chief and holds the record in the office for most custard creams eaten in one sitting. He has been in the design industry for 30 years since studying Design for Communication Media in Manchester during his long haired rocker phase. Andy has since reconsidered his haircut and transformed into a multi-skilled leader commonly known as “Boss Man”. When not consuming gallons of coffee, he can be found working away on website design, print design, SEO, IT and much more.

Caitlin Murphy

Senior Designer

Caitlin has the uncanny knack of being able to produce pixel perfect websites… attention to detail is not an option, it is a requirement! After studying Politics & International Relations at Dundee University, graduating with an MA(hons), she decided that it wasn’t for her, instead embarking on a career in the creative industry. After years of studying HTML, CSS and PHP, Caitlin now puts these skills to excellent use within the business, being the go to person for “making it right”. When not focusing on code, Caitlin enjoys men in uniform, driving personal trainers insane and depriving herself of tasty treats such as the ubiquitous Donner Kebab!

Jan Clarke

Social Media Coach


Jan is the official Office Machine, a title she has earned due to her passion for running disgustingly long distances with ease – this year taking on the London Marathon in aid of MS. Jan worked in dentistry for over 25 years becoming a practice principal before deciding to make a career change. She handles all things social for Interphase, offering a social media academy to educate businesses on how to maintain an effective online presence and running various platforms for businesses all over the UK.

Fatima Bakir

Junior Designer


Fatima is our newest member of the team providing fresh ideas and a new outlook on projects. With a great eye for design, she enjoys all things creative and is addicted to Adobe Illustrator. When she is not parading the streets as Dundee’s fashion icon she can be found working on print design projects or making funky doodles with the graphics tablet.

Let Interphase

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